PAWs FABRIK (PAWs FACTORY) was registered as a company November 2010. Here Paw Pokorni solve tasks for all types of customers (B2B to B2C) this can be anything in graphic design / layout for print and web development.

In the year 2011 Paw had a breakthrough with his poster collection “Mind location”. The very recognized lifestyle blog wrote:


Gorgeous City Posters by Paw Pokorni

I had a dinner party at my place a week ago for some friends who were visiting Minneapolis from Copenhagen. Like Americans, Danes are very hospitable– which also manifests itself in their host/hostess gifts. Since Danes love to burn candles, they brought me a blue iittala votive which looks perfect on my desk. But what inspired me the most was the card that came with the gift. It was a minimalist rendering of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn district.

The beautiful card was designed by Paw Pokorni of Paws Fabrik. After taking a look at the artists website, I realized the card was part of a larger poster series titled Mind Location, which was Paw Pokorni’s interpretation of the cities he’s traveled to. My personal favorites are the Paris and Oaxaca posters. These posters are minimalist, but not stark. The “Miami Art Deco” color scheme warms the posters perfectly. I’ve ordered mine (you can email the artist here), and cannot wait to frame and hang them in my home.